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►This 8k DEMO Video for Entertainment and Educational purpose.

I have done high color correction, Color changing, Bit rate, Raw videos editing, Merge files, Adjust the black, 8K Export file and more.

I try to give my best knowledgeable and educational information about earth and nature in all my videos.

We edit our videos in Adobe adobe premiere pro and Finalcut pro x.
Editor- Lakshmipathi lucky

Total Numbers Of Footages used In this video ▶
Here Are Some Video Description of every video used From First To Last By Time ▼
0:00 entro
0:05 peacock opening closeup shot
0:32 vultures in masai mara
0:51 swan in lake
1:47 beautiful eagle on tree in sunset
2:04 Beautiful grey heron closeup shot
2:22 closeup shot of pink flamingoes
2:29 small bird on tree
2:46 beautiful birds in lake closeup shot
2:57 closeup shot of colorful peacock
3:20 swan with babies near lake
3:43 closeup shot of pelican head
4:07 swan in grass
4:25 colorful macaw birds closeup shot
4:40 white scarlet in grass
4:58 beautiful cute little bird in snowfall
5:15 stork with babies in nest
5:34 bird in nest
5:42 closeup shot of beautiful bird
6:00 pink flamingoes closeup shot
6:14 white owl closeup shot
6:20 humming birds on green leaves
6:44 beautiful eagle in snow closeup shot
6:58 aerial shot of flamingoes flying
7:44 flamingoes standing in grass with one leg
8:17 vulture in grassland
8:49 macaw birds closeup shot
9:02 macaw birds closeup shot
9:31 swans on grass land in between lake
10:18 small little birds eating food
10:33 group of swans in lake
11:01 swan eating food
11:24 little bird eating food in nest
11:33 rare birds in masai mara
11:49 beautiful birds on tree stem
12:03 beautiful birds with little babies
12:27 sanderling closeup shot
15:52 vultures eating food in masai mara
16:16 grey heron in grass
16:34 white pelican bird on stem
16:53 heron on nest birds
17:05 hynes on stem
17:21 green indian parrot
17:44 small little colorful parrot
18:15 black swan in lake
18:47 eagle closeup shot
19:55 small chicks in grassland
20:05 eagle closeup shot
21:35 small bird eating food from red flowers
21:56 beautiful bird in snow

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This video created for entertainment informative, educational purposes


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YouTube Audio library.
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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▶ All The Footage Used In The Video Is Licensed.
▶ All The footage Was Edited And Color Corrected By Me.
▶ I Use Paid And Free Stock Footage In My Channel.
▶ Video Footage Copyright Under Standard License.
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